DJ 88s

DJ + Producer + Lover of Fun

I started dj’ing almost 20 years ago when I heard the infectious rhythm and scratching of OutKast’s, “Wheelz of Steel” off of their seminal work, ATLiens. A set of belt drive turntables, a cheap mixer, and some records from the attic and i was on my way. Growing up in Atlanta in the late 90’s, I was schooled on southern hip hop, r&b and dancehall music. Providing the right song to move a crowd became infectious for me, and I found myself wanting to spin more and more. While in college I continued to broaden my musical knowledge and tighten my dj’ing skills by spinning gigs throughout the New England area.

After spending time in Charlotte, NYC, and Chicago I’ve finally settled back in Cabbagetown, Atlanta. Work has recently taken me to London quite a few times and as a result I’ve fallen in love with UK Garage, Deep House, and Two-Step music. On the weekends you can probably find me behind a set of decks at a wedding, private event, club, lounge, or bar (occasionally even the beach!). The great thing about it is that it never feels like work.

Feel free to reach out with any specific questions.