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New Disclosure - Omen Feat Sam Smith

‪#‎mytakeon‬ Disclosure and SamSmith new track "Omen"....a decidedly more garage feel than the well known "Latch" collaboration, but still very accessible. The formula of allowing Smith's vocals to flow unimpeded on the bridge to take you to the drop works well again, although I wouldn't have minded some additional breakdowns or changes in structure later in the song. It gets a bit repetitive. I think the simple nature of the song screams for dope remixes (and I expect that we will be getting some) Would love to see what Fono Baauer Flume Diplo Kaytranada could do with the song...maybe even a nu disco remix by a The Knocks or Goldroom. All in all, I like the song. It's not earth shattering, but I appreciate the direction that they seem to be going based on the first two tracks. Also - I appreciate that they're trying to bring back real music videos. The visual helps to tell the story and I hope that they continue to build on the story they've told via "Holding On" and "Omen"