DJ 88s

DJ + Producer + Lover of Fun

We’ve all been to a wedding or two where the music was cliché, corny and outdated, right? Well, that is not the case with Dan. Picking music for a large group of people can be a tricky thing and Dan seems to understand how to hit that elusive sweet spot. He has an uncanny knack for selecting songs that will resonate with everyone, without being boring and predictable, while also satisfying your personal tastes and taking on any request thrown his way. There was not a single false note played at our wedding; everyone was dancing and having a great time the entire evening. And it couldn’t have been easier for us. All Dan asked of us was a short list of our favorite songs so he could get a sense of what we liked. That was it. He brings his own equipment (on time!), sets it all up without needing any help and is an extremely polite and incredibly charismatic host. Honestly, hiring Dan was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.

Lizzie & Matt Mullen - Williamstown, MA - December 2013

In retrospect, working with Dan was easily one of the best decisions we made. He was flexible and pro-active about the preparation for our big day which set us up for success. Having Dan on board was the key to one of our top priority items- a high energy dance party with our closest friends. The man delivered in a way that delighted us all. He was able to read the energy in the room and to compel the party to the dance floor through an effective blend of mixing and uncanny song selection. And he kept it going, for almost 4 hours!!

Emily & Jeremy Warms - Naushon Island