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Pitchfork's 100 Albums of the Decade (thus far)

My thoughts...(click for list)

1st - great another list, exactly what we need...

2nd - list are kinda awesome because you don't have to think much 

3rd - some very pitchforesque picks...see #100 Clams Casino, #95 Nicolas Jaar, #94 How to Dress Well, #35 DJ Rashad (i'm a fan of footwork, but really?)

4th - #82 Chief Keef - Finally Rich. that was a not good, not at all. in fact it was pretty bad

5th - #79 Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusy. i can't express how underrated this album was and continues to be. 

6th - ditto for Jessie Ware - Devotion (#76) & The Weekend - House of Balloons (#67)

7th -  Disclosure not in top 10 or top 20 for that matter...really?

8th - Yeezus at #8? I just don't understand. Oh and to top that off this statement: "the dip of notable hip-hop and electronic releases in 2014 suggests that the shock of innovation froze both genres in their tracks" 

9th - Frank Ocean's - Channel Orange (#4) deserves the love. I think the idea that Frank pushed R&B artists back the drawing board is more true than Yeezus...

10th - was surprised that I didn't see Florence + Machine's - Ceremonials on the list until I found this qoute from Pitchfork..."Instead of Lungs' largely charming yet discombobulating diversity, Ceremonials suffers from a repetitiveness that's akin to looking at a skyline filled with 100-story behemoths lined-up one after the other, blocking out everything but their own size."

What the hell does that sentence mean anyway? 


pitchfork's 100 top albums 2010-2014